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Current interests

I'm currently working on Dynamic Facility Location with N. Schabanel. We are also looking at the interface between communication complexity and property testing.

I'm working with L. Gabasova and S. Kachanovich on Computational Geometry.

I joined the Random Sample Voting Project in January 2016 to study how to prevent vote selling and am responsible for the creation and continued development of the RSV Simulator

I'm also part of the core team for the development of the People's Opinion Platform, which seeks to implement real-time democracy in different countries.

Past research

I participated to the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy where I gave multiple talks and organizing a demo of the RSV system.

I previously worked with Oded Lachish and Eldar Fischer on long paths and cycles in 2- and 3-connected graphs. 

I published a paper on roots of graph polynomials with Janos Makowsky and Elena Ravve.