Talks and posters

I enjoy talking to high-schoolers, and appreciate giving them an intro to what research is like. I’ve worked with Animath (in France, Kosovo and Moldova), as well as Parimaths, giving intro to research sessions (and a summer school), as well as a few conferences on the following subjects (in French):

We also made a poster on the future of democracy with L. Gabasova at Worldcon75.

I gave a talk on electoral mathematics at CIRM on October 13th, 2022, video recording here.

I’m always enthusiastic to interact with young students, and don’t necessarily require a stipend (depending on whether I’m already on site, and what kind of public there is). Feel free to me a line if you want me to intervene at your institution.

Enka Blanchard
Enka Blanchard
Researcher (they/them)

Transdisciplinary CNRS researcher working at LAMIH and CIS.