Current Experiments

With the help of a number of other scientists, I have launched multiple experiments and user studies over the past few years. We are always looking for volunteers for those, so feel free to try one of the following (as a reward, you get the link to our hypotheses and preliminary research once you’re done with the study).

Impostor syndrome in academia. If you are a young researcher or a graduate student, please consider filling the following survey and spreading it, as it could have a direct positive impact (initially for you and hopefully for our communities), no matter your field (we’re doing a cross-field study). Link to study:

Mental computation modeling. Click on this link, follow the instructions, and get details at the end. The goal is to build a model of mental computing costs, to have a general purpose tool to improve our other work (including the following one).

Image recognition and describability Click on this link, and follow the instructions. To prevent priming, I won’t share the immediate goal here, but we have at least one voting system design that depends on the result of this experiment.

Mental-only secure password managers. We recently developed a new kind of password manager called Cue-pin-Select that works using only your brain, but only requires you to remember one short sentence. After initial tests on a limited group of subjects, we are looking for two dozen users who would be ready to do a longer study (with tasks twice per day, for a week). To participate, send us an email.

Crowd-sourcing semi-public data to detect nazi propaganda. We are about to launch a crowd-sourcing platform as a proof of concept to detect propaganda movies. We estimate the total user time needed to be less than 100 hours, so if you want to help out, let us know.

Enka Blanchard
Enka Blanchard
Researcher (they/them)

Transdisciplinary CNRS researcher working at LAMIH and CIS.